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Our services provide much more than most typical gym amenities. We are a personal training facility for people who are looking for a modernized method of diet and training. We take out all the unknown of training and nutrition. We provide you with the most efficient method towards your fitness goal.

Goals that we set together. Maximizing your time and effort.

If you're worried about the price of getting started, you should see the cost of staying where you are.

Workout Facility

Workout Facility

Our Methods

Our Methods

Calorie Count
Applying Facial Cream


All new clients will be given a consultation in which we will assess your current physical condition. After the assessment a direction to improvement and goals will be set. We put those in place to get you to where you would like to be as quickly as possible. Your time is valuable and we take the guesswork out of it. Straight to success and goals.


A nutritional overview comes after the physical assessment. Bring us a sample of your daily eating habits. From this we will (tweak); your plan with better choices or alternatives. No guessing what to eat. No counting calories or macros. This diet will be tailored made to your schedule and preferred foods.

Laser Scanning
Measurement & Body Fat Testing

Our 3D body scanner scans an individual's entire body giving us a 360° image of the individual. This allows us to analyze a person's body composition displaying body fat percentage & lean muscle mass, which helps us tailor a specific workout & diet plan that best fits your needs.


A nutritional overview comes after the physical assessment. It is an important part of our clients' success.

No guessing what to eat. No counting calories or macros. This diet will be tailored to your schedule and preferred foods. 

Our delicious meal replacement lactose free, sugar free, low calorie smoothies are available also.


We offer in-house hormonal and testosterone replacement. Certified by a Doctor Who is in the upper field of hormonal knowledge. More energy, clearer thoughts, harder muscles and a higher sense of well-being.


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